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Metal Merch Available on! Official Audio for “Common Excuses” & “Frosty Soil” OUT!

Italian Thrash/Nu-Metal outfit DOSGAMOS has released two new videos, this time dedicated to songs “Common Excuses” and “Frosty Soil”, taken from the album “Wrapped Renaissance” released in December.

Watch the videos on YouTube!

The latest album “Wrapped Renaissance” takes its cue from two pillars of groove metal genre, Machine Head’s first two albums “Burn My Eyes” and “The More Things Change”, but this influence just remained a starting point, from which DOSGAMOS developed its own sound, more directed to unexpected changes of tempo and rhythms in order to keep the tension high. Merging these elements with psychotic vocals reminiscent of Korn and Slipknot, DOSGAMOS delivers a suffocating atmosphere to criticize the uncontrolled exploitation of the environment and the oppression of our existences.

DOSGAMOS is very happy that its metal band merch is now available on the official website

Surely the most important is the “City In Flames” t-shirt, designed by Pavel Kurbanov who also worked with the Ukrainian band JINJER. This jewel of metal merch portrays a ship off the coast of a burning city. The ship is a clear reference to the famous band’s single "Odyssey" and to the journey that each of us takes during our lives. However, this journey is never peaceful and sometimes it may happen that you find yourself in threatening places which, in the t-shirt, are allegorically represented by a city on fire, invaded by zombies.

Visit to check the cool metal merch of DOSGAMOS, including the latest album “Wrapped Renaissance” and much more!






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